Progress is messy

One of the loveliest quote and an important lesson I learned very recently is that progress is messy.

In a recent, tough situation, I found myself learning about this quote. It gave me tremendous confidence at that time and continues to encourage taking risks without worry about how things will turn out. More on the lines of following your heart.

I was not able to express myself in a conversation with a friend because I had some presumptions which fell flat. I had to quit right at what I thought was the beginning of the conversation. It ought to be seen as a failure, I thought. I failed miserably to communicate, but more importantly, I sinned again. I presumed!

In the midst, I recalled the quote I read a while back: progress is messy. Indeed, the perspective I had suddenly turned around. I was alive. I was making progress. I failed, no doubt, but I also made progress when I conversed. I had the guts to say what I wanted to. I was able to gather the courage to say what I have been meaning to say, right from the heart.

Indeed, progress is messy.

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