Progress is messy

One of the loveliest quote and an important lesson I learned very recently is that progress is messy. In a recent, tough situation, I found myself learning about this quote. It gave me tremendous confidence at that time… Read More

My encounters with God – #1

As a child born in a Hindu family, I have been imbibed with Hindu values and rituals, in moderation. As I grew up, my family has been more liberal and I have had the freedom to choose the… Read More

JNU and we, the nationalists

Much has been said and written about the JNU sloganeering and incidents that followed in the courts of Delhi. While it is important to speak and stand up to those who challenge the integrity of a nation, it… Read More

Delhi’s Odd-Even: what we overlooked…

As the odd even is being implemented, do we even know what is happening around or do we – like always – just tag the initiative based on our perceived values and the results expected? We all have… Read More