#1 When your pain helps you accomplish what you otherwise could not.

There are some people who have flair of landing themselves in difficult situations with ease; I am an expert in that.

In a difficult relationship (technically, it was only a friendship) I ended up being on the receiving end for doing what I was explicitly prohibited to. But my understanding is that I am not a robot who be told what to do in life. God has given each one of us little brain to use in situations as and when we deem fit. But that didn’t deter me as much the treatment that came post serverance of the ties where everything was gone in a snap, like it never existed.

In my quest to balance my stumbling self-respect and recover, I ended up pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. In retrospect, this is one of the best things that have happened to me.

The situation I faced has led to considerable personal development for me. I have touched more hearts than I wanted to. I went out of my way to connect with more people. I have started conversations with more people than I thought I could or was willing to. I know more people now and my social circle has expanded. I lost one person but I gained so many.

They say, to get love, you must give it first. I did. And I got it back too. Trust me, it may take time but when it is returned to you, the feeling in exceptional. Patience and authenticity is all that is required.

When I came across Neil’s TED talk, I realized I was overlooking the little positive developments in my life during this difficult time. Combined with the idea of 1000 Awesome Things, it was clear that I have enough to be thankful for and there is enough awesomeness in my life. At that precise moment, I felt a kick in my rear and saw my self-worth flying high at 10000 feet. That feeling was exceptional.

And thus began my list of awesomeness and here is #1.

When pain of unrequite love pushes you out of your comfort zone, makes you do what you otherwise could not accomplish, that, my friends, is Awesome!.

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