Purpose of life: why are we here?

We are born into this world. We live like billions other on this planet. We die.

Before you jump to any conclusions, allow me to clear it at the outset. This post does not takes into account anyone’s religious views, nor does it have religious base for the words that follow.

Sure, lifestyle may not be exactly similar for the billions of us but is broadly the same. Wake-up, eat, work, earn, buy/grow food, eat, sleep. In other words, this is the life of an average person on this planet (baring a few). We spend our entire lives like this.

You must have heard millions of times that life is a very precious asset we have. True. So, why are we here? Why are “billions of us” here? Perhaps there is a big construction project, like a HUGE arc or space-ship that god wants us to build? Pun apart, the question remains: what is the purpose of life?

If we leave aside the religious explanations (you will get confused with those conflicting voices from different religions), there is a lot to ponder upon. Take an example of yourself; are you doing something worthwhile? Are you doing something meaningful so you can say on the last day of your life: “That was worth it!”?

I realize if we have to make anything worthy of each of our lives,  it has got to be something exceptional. What we do in our lives today – eat/sleep/leisure/earn/work etc., that is simply what we do to “sustain” ourselves and not something exceptional.

I don’t know precisely what it is for me but I am out looking for it and have an idea what it might be for me. Do you know what it is for you? If not, may be it is time for self-reflection of what you have been so far and how you would like to go down as.

It’s never too late, but I think it does depend on your age. The countdown has already begun for each one of us; think and pick carefully and make best use of your time, and as Steve Jobs once said : “Make a dent in the universe”.